Environmental Grants


IWM Consulting has secured over $5,000,000 from Indiana Brownfields and $3,500,000 from EPA grant funding for municipalities, counties and private companies. We understand the details of timelines and achievable objectives when applying for funding from various levels of government agencies. IWM can help you present a comprehensive plan of how the grant/incentive money will be used in a well-structured grant/incentive application that will help you effectively compete for funding.

Environmental grants are distributed to individuals and companies who work to better the needs of today’s environment. When preparing environmental grant applications, IWM works to bring out the unique qualities of each client. Following a formal guide, IWM is practiced in completing both a formal and an informal grant application. We research the needs of various environmental grant makers to best pair its clients with the proper offers.

Our approach and proposed work plan as it relates to developing and writing grant incentive application is a three step method.

Step 1: Work closely with the client to evaluate property/projects

IWM Consulting will work closely with our clients in order to identify potential properties or projects that may qualify for grants/incentives.  It is important to verify that all of the minimum requirements are met for a particular grant/incentive application prior to investing the time to prepare and submit the application.  Once an eligible project has been identified, IWM will begin assembling the data required for the application, identify data gaps, and document the due date associated with the grant/incentive application.  We will assist the client in determining which government departments or other agencies need to be contacted for support relating to the grant application.

Step 2: Identify/gather existing economic development and environmental data

IWM personnel will conduct a thorough records review for sites/projects of interest in which grant funding or other incentives are desired.  This would include town hall minutes, community/company letters of support, previously submitted applications, environmental reports, developer data, real estate appraisals, tax records, utility information, geographical information system mapping, web-based information, and other sources.

Often, careful planning is required months in advance in order to obtain the appropriate documentation from the site owner, community, developer, or other agencies in order to prepare and submit a successful application.  Additionally, the client may have to procure the services of additional subcontractors to meet the minimum requirements of the grant opportunity. Therefore, it is imperative that the deadlines associated with applying for these grants/incentives are known upfront for a realistic timeline to be developed and a decision to be made regarding which to pursue.

Step 3:  Assemble grant/incentive applications on a timely basis

IWM will organize all of the pertinent information and prepare both printed and electronic copies of the grant/incentive applications.  IWM will maintain an open line of communication with the appropriate funding agency during the application process in order to make them aware of the project and to assist in ensuring the application meets all of the agency requirements prior to finalizing the application.  The completed applications will be submitted to the designated client representative for review and comment.  We will discuss any comments with the client representative and make changes as necessary.  It will then be determined if the client or IWM will submit the application to the appropriate funding agency.  Once the application has been submitted, IWM will communicate with the appropriate client liaison and the agency to track the progress of the application review.  Once a determination has been made by the funding agency, we will then work with the client and the funding agency to determine the next steps for the project.

Types of Environmental Grants:

  • U.S. EPA Brownfields Grant

  • Stipulated Assessment Grant Incentive

  • Stipulated Remediation Grant Incentive

  • Low Interest Loan Incentive

  • Petroleum Remediation Grant Incentive

  • Voluntary Remediation Tax Credit

  • Federal Grant Matching Incentive

  • Community Development Block Grant