Construction Oversight

Once the construction of a landfill is permitted, IWM provides construction oversight to ensure the construction is completed in accordance with the original plans. To provide maximum support, IWM monitors the quality, cost, and speed of completion for each project. IWM then verifies that contractor activities are executed in accordance with the approved plans and are active in all scheduling, planning and decision-making. IWM’s work includes a review of the construction quality, construction budget, and distribution of project funds. At the close of construction, IWM assembles a portfolio of all pertinent documentation, including warranties and instruction manuals for the client. 

Environmental Oversight

IWM provides an array of environmental services for active and closed landfills, outlined below.


  • Sampling

  • Statistics

  • Reporting

  • Monitoring well installation/repair/maintenance

  • Groundwater Sampling Plans

  • Groundwater Statistical Analysis Plans

  • Groundwater Corrective Action Plans

  • Groundwater Remediation Design and Operation

Hydrogeologic/Geologic Characterization Investigations

  • New Landfills

  • Horizontal Expansions

  • Leachate Releases

Landfill Gas

  • Gas Probe installation

  • Methane Monitoring Plans

  • Out of Waste Landfill Gas Characterization Studies

  • Landfill Gas Remediation Plans

Storm Water

  • Storm Water/SPCC Plans

  • Storm Water Sampling

  • Storm Water Reporting

Air Compliance

  • Title V