Underground Storage Tanks


IWM provides a full range of underground storage tank (UST) services for manufacturers, lenders, insurers, real estate companies, electric utilities, law firms, agribusinesses, governments, and the owners and operators of commercial and industrial sites.

The IWM advantages for Underground Storage Tanks are:

Experience and Expertise

IWM has instigated, closed, and/or remediated numerous regulated and unregulated UST sites throughout the Midwest.  Our UST experience includes contamination by petroleum hydrocarbons, fertilizer constituents, and chlorinated and aromatic compounds.  IWM's UST professionals perform tank evaluations, agency notifications, site characterizations, tank removals, soil and groundwater remediations, product recovery, confirmation sampling, and closure reports.

Our UST activities are conducted by degreed scientists and engineers who hold certifications for UST removals and closures in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and Michigan and are experienced in a wide variety of field methods, instruments, and equipment.  IWM's professionals are also experts in techniques for optimizing the use of investigative and monitoring information through data analysis, graphics, computer modeling, and interpretation. 


IWM maintains a wide array of in-house field testing and measuring instruments and sampling equipment for soil, water, and air.  Our data analysis is supported by a comprehensive library of specialized graphical, groundwater flow, water-quality statistical software and CADD facilities.

Beyond the UST Investigation and Removal

If a UST investigation results in the need of further services, IWM can apply its full range of expertise for health-based risk assessments, remediation design and construction, remediation operation and maintenance, and environmental monitoring.  You also benefit from IWM's experience across an extensive range of property-transfer transactions and the full continuum of federal and state regulatory programs, including voluntary remediation and brownfield programs.

IWM's staff is well-versed in the State reimbursement fund programs in Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio. Indiana's Excess Liability Trust Fund (ELTF), Kentucky's Petroleum Storage Tank Environmental Assurance Fund (PSTEAF) and Ohio's Financial Assurance Fund (FAF) all reimburse the owners and operators of regulated, registered petroleum-storage tanks for qualifying investigation and remediation expenses. These programs may significantly reduce your financial exposure when managing and remediating releases of petroleum products. For eligible projects, IWM structures its internal record-keeping to comply with ELTF, PSTEAF or FAF documentation requirements. IWM also deals directly with the project coordinators at the various State agencies to resolve regulatory and reimbursement issues and to submit claims on behalf of UST owners and operators.

IWM has been selected by the Indiana Finance Authority (IFA) to administer the Petroleum Remediation Grant Incentive (PRGI) program in select regions in Indiana.  The program’s chief focus is to provide grants to local governments for remediation of petroleum contamination at Brownfield sites.