IWM Consulting is a well-rounded facilities related consulting firm aimed at helping our clients to maximize their assets and mitigate the risks associated with site utilization and environmental concerns. From reclaiming a Brownfield site to re-engineering the waste flow in a manufacturing facility, our resources are focused on helping our clients optimize their profitability and provide them with factual information to make educated decisions. IWM is broken into three major business units to accomplish this objective. 

Our organization is staffed with environmental scientists, geologists, construction professionals and other technically trained individuals to bring the resources that our client organizations need. By having the expertise to both define the problem’s as well as correct them, we provide our clients with a single point of contact and focused accountability to ensure an efficient resolution and measurable improvement.

Our mission is to improve our clients performances through effective deployment of our skills, capabilities and tools. Our experience supports enhanced site utilization, safer work environments and more cost effective use of operational expenditures and capital investment. By effectively deploying our resources, we can optimize the profitability of our clients.

Our vision is to provide a productive work environment for the employees of IWM which sets clear objectives, defined roles of the individual and establishes quantifiable measurements for performance. Our strength is our people. By creating a culture which is open to innovation and development, our people can bring superior service to our clients making all the relationships successful. IWM wants to create a collaborative workplace that leverages our skills, tools and communication. In this, we will improve our systems, our knowledge and our overall effectiveness in meeting the needs of our employees, clients, and shareholders. By creating a workable balance of these three influences, we can create a long-lasting business based on value, ethics, and performance.