Phase II


IWM has an excellent track record for successfully closing contaminated sites under the Indiana Department of Environmental Management’s Voluntary Remediation Program (VRP). We have extensive knowledge of the program, both the conventional default VRP closures and site-specific Tier III (risk assessment) closures. Additionally, IWM is experienced in IDEM’s Risk-Integrated System of Closure (RISC) protocol and has forged cooperative, professional relationships with many of the VRP, State Cleanup, LUST, and RCRA project managers. The information on the following page details IWM’s experiences with these programs.

Petroleum Hydrocarbon Projects

IWM staff have collectively investigated, closed, and/or remediated hundreds of regulated and unregulated underground storage tanks (USTs) throughout the Midwest. Most of these projects were related to petroleum hydrocarbons.

The following information describes IWM’s petroleum-hydrocarbon and UST experience. The ensuing table summarizes the wide range of petroleum remediation methods that IWM has implemented in recent years.

  • IWM Group has been selected by the Indiana Finance Authority as the consultant for Petroleum Remediation Grant Initiative for Brownfield Sites in Region 7 in northeast Indiana. Services provided include locating political subdivisions that have eligible petroleum contaminated Brownfield sites; identifying those sites that can utilize Petroleum Remediation Grant (PRG) funds; performing environmental site assessments and limited investigations to assess past practices and location, size, and contents of storage tanks and to complete assessment of petroleum impacted soil and/or groundwater; evaluating available technical information to develop and submit work scopes for the Indiana Department of Environmental Management approval following the Risk Integrated System of Closure (RISC) guidelines; coordinating investigative and remedial activities with political subdivisions; and conducting all necessary technical activities to complete petroleum remediation in accordance with the approved RISC based work plan.

  • IWM’s staff qualifications include certifications for UST removals and closures in Indiana and Michigan.

  • IWM’s UST professionals perform tank evaluations, agency notifications, site characterizations, tank removals, soil and ground-water remediations, product recovery, confirmation sampling, and closure reports in accordance with state requirements.

  • IWM’s skill and experience in risk assessment and contaminant remediation are also brought to bear in those cases where a tank release is documented during closure.

  • IWM’s staff are well-versed in the requirements of Indiana’s Excess Liability Trust Fund (ELTF) program that reimburses the owners and operators of regulated petroleum-storage tanks for qualifying investigation and remediation expenses after the regulatory deductible is met. This program may significantly reduce your financial exposure when managing and remediating releases of petroleum products.