Brownfields are rural or urban industrial and commercial sites that are abandoned or underutilized due to real or perceived contamination.  Communities face the challenge of putting these idle sites back to work.  In spite of their negative connotations, IWM Consulting believes that communities should view Brownfield sites as potential assets rather than economic and aesthetic liabilities.  Most communities have Brownfield properties within their jurisdictions, representing a huge potential resource for new development, increased employment, enhanced tax revenue, creation of local recreational amenities, and preservation of green space.

IWM Consulting is an Indiana Finance Authority (IFA) Qualified Environmental Consultant for State funded Brownfield projects and currently has offices located in Indianapolis and Fort Wayne, Indiana. Nine (9) of the IWM Consulting employees qualify as an "Environmental Professional" as defined by the US EPA’s AAI standard for Phase I Environmental Assessments. IWM Consulting specializes in full service environmental consulting, including the following: Phase I and Phase II ESAs; Risk Assessments; Site Remediation Development & Implementation; Vapor Intrusion Investigation and Mitigation; Regulatory Reporting & Correspondence; Municipal, State, and Federally Brownfield Corridor Studies, Site Assessments, and Cleanup Projects; and Underground Storage Tank (UST) Removal Oversight & Compliance Sampling. IWM Consulting personnel have completed hundreds of Phase I and Phase II ESAs throughout their career, and the IWM Consulting staff has performed environmental due diligence work at municipalities throughout the State of Indiana since 1996 with special emphasis on State and Federal Brownfield sites.

IWM Consulting also identified and assisted municipalities in applying for and receiving State funded Stipulated Remediation Grants for Hazardous Substances.

IWM Consulting will help your community to:

  • Identify, inventory, and prioritize potential Brownfield properties

  • Compile economic, demographic, and preliminary physical and environmental information for each Brownfield site

  • Develop a community-specific Brownfield Redevelopment Plan for evaluating potential best uses, pursue public and private funding options for assessment and remediation, and develop marketing strategies for Brownfield properties

  • Assist communities with Brownfield Grant applications

Numerous funding options are available for the State of Indiana through the Indiana Finance Authority, Indiana Economic Development Corporation or the U.S. EPA for assessment and remediation activities associated with eligible Brownfield sites:

Indiana Finance Authority (IFA)

  • Brownfields Stipulated Assessment Grant Incentive (SAGI) - up to $100,000 for Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, Asbestos and Lead Paint Surveys, and Phase II Investigations at hazardous waste (non-petroleum) Brownfield sites.

  • Brownfields Stipulated Remediation Grant Incentive - up to $400,000 for costs associated with cleanup activities at hazardous waste (non-petroleum) Brownfield sites.

  • Low Interest Loan Incentive (LILLI) - provides loans for remediation, demolition, and limited site assessment activities at both hazardous and petroleum waste Brownfield sites with fixed interest rates of 2.5% (term less than 10 years) to 3.0% (term less than 20 years).

  • Petroleum Remediation Grant Incentive (PRGI) - provides grant amounts up to $250,000 per applicant, per funding round.

  • Voluntary Remediation Tax Credit (VRTC) - provides a tax credit against Indiana tax liabilities; credit given for conducting voluntary cleanup at Brownfield sites.

  • Federal Grant Matching Incentive (FCMI) - offers matching grants from the IFA in amounts up to 20% of a federal (U.S. EPA) Brownfields Remediation award.

Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC)

  • Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) - provides assistance to projects in the completion of site preparation activities for achievement of community redevelopment goals.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA)

  • Brownfields Assessment Grants- offers $200,000 to assess a site contaminated by hazardous substances and up to $200,000 to assess petroleum contaminated sites.

  • Brownfields Cleanup Grants of up to $200,000.

  • Brownfields Revolving Loan Fund Grants

  • Brownfields Job Training Grants

IWM Consulting has extensive experience with all aspects of Brownfields redevelopment. IWM Consulting can walk you through the grant application process, assist in identifying eligible sites, provide support with community relations, and create a link between your community, developers and the regulatory environment.  IWM has expertise in all areas of Phase I and Phase II Assessments, pilot studies, remediation technology, and regulatory reporting requirements.  IWM has completed site assessment activities at 25 Brownfield Sites and remediation activities at 12 Brownfield sites throughout the State of Indiana.  IWM Consulting completed two U.S. EPA Funded Community-Wide Site Assessment Projects and one locally funded Community-Wide Site Assessment Project.  IWM Consulting was awarded two contracts with the Indiana Finance Authority (IFA) to perform Petroleum Remediation Grant (PRG) work activities at qualified Brownfield sites across 28 counties.